“Everything I create is designed to improve the performance of every rider.” –Nir

The ride ends. The pursuit of better never does.

My mission is simple: Create the finest, best-performing wheelsets in the business. This is my driving force. It’s what gets me up in the morning. That, and riding the roads and trails in and around Los Angeles. Every ride is an opportunity to improve my performance. A philosophy I apply to every wheelset that rolls out my door.

Adrenaline is my drug of choice.

Whether riding a single track, racing down a mountain at arguably unsafe speeds, or sprinting around the roads I call home; nothing matches the rush I get from bicycling in all its forms. To me, it’s the perfect melding of body + mind + equipment. And when all are functioning in harmony at peak performance, the adrenaline flows. It’s a winning combination of fitness, skill, and machinery that can’t be matched.

Engineering before building.

On first glance, what I do is build wheels. But the reality, much like the experience of pushing yourself on a ride, reveals more. I engineer wheels. I create the specifications for every hub and rim that I create. This is not a pick-a-part assembly operation. Why go through the effort? To create the best possible wheels that can help every rider improve their performance. Whether it’s enabling experienced cyclists and triathletes to become more competitive, helping a rider shatter a personal best or give someone the confidence and results to move from the pack to the front of a group ride, I want to engineer wheels that engineer the results you want to see.